Commodity Price Charts

Commodity Price Charts

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Investing Brent Crude Oil Price Charts

Brent Crude Price Charts ( UKOil )

XCU USD Copper Price Charts - XCUUSD Price Charts

Copper Price Charts - XCUUSD

XAU USD Gold Price Charts - XAUUSD Price Charts

XAUUSD Price Charts ( GOLD )

Nat Gas Price Charts - Natural Gas Price Charts.500.500.001

Nat Gas Price Charts

XAG USD Silver Price Charts - XAGUSD Price Charts

Silver XAGUSD Price Charts

XPD USD Palladium Price Charts - XPDUSD Price Charts

XPDUSD Price Charts ( Palladium )

XPT USD Platinum Price Charts - XPTUSD Price Charts

XPTUSD Price Charts ( Platinum )

Investing WTI Oil Price Charts

WTI Oil Price Charts ( US Oil )

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Brent Crude Oil ( UK Oil )

Brent crude oil is typically produced from rigs within the North Sea. Typically “less sweet” than WTI, it containing higher levels of sulphur in the raw product. Global delivery via sea tankers involves lower transport costs than WTI through rail.

WTI Oil ( US Oil )

WTI Oil ( West Texas Intermediate Oil ) is known for producing some of the finest “sweet” (low sulphur) raw oil feedstock. Produced in land-locked regions, delivery in made via pipes and railroads.

Gold ( XAUUSD )

The shiny yellow metallic ( XAUUSD ) element, Gold has literally thousands of applications. From electrical connectors through to the healthcare sectors and replacement teeth

Silver ( XAGUSD )

Silver has many applications including jewellery. The metal also possesses antibiotic and catalytic properties.

Copper ( XCUUSD )

The copper ( XCUUSD ) price is mainly affected through construction demands.

Platinum ( XPTUSD )

Platinum ( XPTUSD ) market demand comprises from its use as a chemical catalysts through to pharmaceuticals and precious metal jewellery.

Palladium ( XPDUSD )

Another silver shiny metal from the platinum metals group. Palladium ( XPDUSD ) has demand from industrial chemistry and catalytic uses.