US Dollar Index Charts ( USDX or DXY )

US Dollar Index Chart (abbreviated USDX / DXY)

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The US Dollar index is a weighted currency strength index and indicator.

It’s a weighted geometric mean, comprised of the US Dollar priced against Great British Pound (GBP – 11.9%), Euro (EUR – 57.6%), Canadian Dollar (CAD – 9.1%), Japanese Yen (JPY – 13.6%), Swedish Krona (SEK – 4.2%) and Swiss Franc (CHF – 3.6%).

The Dollar index charts (DXY) began in March 1973 and it the beginning, it’s value was pegged at 100.00. Since that date, it’s traded as high as 164.72 in 1985 and low as 70.70 on March 2008. The composition of the Dollar index has only been changed once, at the foundation and adoption of the Euro.

In recent year, the DXY index has recently fallen under criticism and been labelled outdated, due to it failing to include major trading partners like China, Mexico and Brazil.

Other popular financial market charts and “DXY” constituent parts include: EUR USD charts, GBP USD charts and USD CHF charts.

The US Dollar Index Chart should not to be confused with the American NASDAQ 100 Index and S&P 500 Index.

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